Thursday, February 2, 2012

Moviesucktastic #60: Ghost Dad

Cover of "Ghost Dad"
Cover of Ghost Dad
Looking for a suitable movie link to JD's Revenge for his next Moviesucktastic Movie Challenge to Joey, Scott runs with the theme of Urban Ghost Stories and plays the Ghost Card with the film that successfully ended Bill Cosby's feature film acting career and Sidney Poitier's feature film directing career, the inexplicable Ghost Dad.

Meant to be Bill Cosby's comeback film to make everyone (including Cosby himself, apparently) forget about the Leonard: Part Six debacle, Ghost Dad only manages to make the audience wish wistfully for the visual tomfoolery of Cosby riding ostriches and buttering killer lobsters. Bill Cosby is an overworked single parent who consistently neglects his bland and uninteresting children while trying to secure their financial future through "The Big Deal" he is brokering at his vague job involving placating a bunch of old white men. Then, hilariously, he dies and begins haunting his children. Comedy gold, right? The fact that Ghost Dad seemed to be suspiciously timed to beat the Patrick Swayze vehicle Ghost to the big screen by three months makes the end results even that much more depressing. A no-budget special effects film that was obviously butchered and cut short due to budget constraints, Ghost Dad serves as little more than a bitter reminder to Autumn Jackson that hers wasn't the only childhood devoid of Cosby's Jello-Brand Gelatin parental guidance.

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