Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Episode #38 - A Serbian Film

A Serbian FilmImage via WikipediaEpisode #38 of Moviesucktastic is now live! In this episode Joey and Scott share their mutual traumatic experience from having just witnessed the psychological sucker punch that is A Serbian Film. Considering the mature and brutal nature of the film's adult sexual themes, the Movie Guys decide to use it as a launching board for a lengthy discussion of rape scenes in films. Personal favorites include Irreversible with dual acknowledgments for Most Uncomfortable and Longest Rape Sequence, and a tip of the hat to Hitchcock's Frenzy for Funniest Rape Sequence Ever.

You can you listen to the lengthy "Rape Episode" of Moviesucktastic on iTunes and Zune. We can also be found on Podcast Pickle, Podcast Pup and Pod Feed, or you can stream us directly onto your smart phone using the sweet-ass Stitcher App. As always, you can also listen to the show streaming at Moviesucktastic.com.

If our flippant attitude towards the portrayal of rape in cinema offends or titillates you, be sure to drop us a voice mail voicing your outrage/amusement on the Moviesucktastic Hotline, 908-514-4470. We will make sure your voiced opinions are heard!

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