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Moviesucktastic #46: Supergirl, Bad Movie Day, and Guest Author Don Smith

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Now that Joey and Scott have mastered the fine art of recording their podcast episodes through the wonders of Skype, the next step seems perfectly logical: Conference Calling! And what better way to try out our new conference calling abilities then by inviting a special guest host to help review our latest Bad Movie Challenge, Supergirl!

Light years ahead of our previous lengthy interview with author/artist/musician/hepcat John Dimes (episode #26), in which we talked to John with Scott's Droid X on speakerphone propped up against the our Samson SAC01UPAK USB Microphone, our guest simply called us on Skype. Much in the same way that anybody can now, since our podcast was interrupted by an eager fan attempting to call the Moviesucktastic Hotline. Despite that little glitch, everything turned out great!

Which is more than can be said for Supergirl, of course. In order to help us review what is considered by many to be the lowest point in the Superman franchise (until Superman IV: The Quest for Peace and Superman Returns, that is), we were aided by the expert opinions of Don Everitt Smith Jr., author of the new true crime book The Goffle Road Murders of Passaic County: The 1850 Van Winkle Killings. Far from being just a New Jersey crime historian, Don Smith is also a comic book writer for the Bluewater Productions “Political Power” series (featured on Fox News), a freelance comic reviewer and Patch journalist, and occasional Guest Host on Blogtalkradio. Reviewing comic book related films and dealing with opinionated individuals like Joey and Scott is nothing new to the likes of Don, who was recently interviewed about his new book on Parcbench.

Adhering to his busy work schedule, Don was able to spend the first hour of the show with Joey and Scott, going over the Top Ten box office winners for the weekend of September 23 through 25, and earned the distinction of being the first Moviesucktastic Guest Host to weigh in on the Finger List, which also resulted in the first Finger List three-way-tie. He then spent the rest of his time sharing insights and thoughts on Peter O'Toole's professional low point (next to High Spirits, of course), the poorly executed and even more poorly received Supergirl. Don lends a past expertise to his review of the film, having previously interviewed Helen Slater, and being a lifelong comic book fan.

After Don's departure, Joey and Scott finish up their review of Supergirl. Both agree that one of the hardest parts of sitting through the two hour version of Supergirl is watching Peter O'Toole act his heart out, despite being trapped in a supporting role for such a crappy movie. You can almost imagine him interrupting every third take with "You do realize I was in Lawrence of Arabia, right?" It is painful to watch him emoting just as much as he did in Beckett or The Ruling Class while Helen Slater wanders around him trying to figure out what to do. They finish up with a slight reversal of Taking Out the Trash, in which Scott recommends the addition of some scenes to help round out some of the characters, grant the audience closure by tying up loose narrative ends, and padding the film's length with a much needed rating-boosting lesbian scene.

Afterwards, The Movie Guys move on to covering the preparations for the fifth annual Bad Movie Day, including a rundown of the five nominated films currently being voted for on the Moviesucktastic Facebook pageVan HelsingThe RoomC.H.U.D.Superman IV: The Quest for Peace, and Garbage Pail Kids: The Movie. They then wrap things up with yet another installment of Scott's Sucktastic Theater, in which he continues reading from the novel which served as the inspiration for the film Gymkata, Dan Tyler Moore's The Terrible Game.
As he left the room Jonathan's father winked. "When you've been with the Burr family thirty years," he said, "it takes more than a couple of men eating breakfast in nothing but black leather pants to astonish you."
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