Wednesday, September 16, 2009

January Releases: Legion! Bad movie, armageddon-style!

The trailers have been coming out for some of the bad movies lining up for their spot in the January lineup, where movies go to die. One of these available for advanced screening is Legion.

Legion, the directorial debut of visual effects artist Scott Stewart, feels like an uneasy cross between Pitch Black, Feast, Prophecy, and every other film ever written with the "This woman is the key to the future of Mankind" plot device.

Stewart's visual effects background is clearly evident in the trailer, which makes the film seem like it was written mainly with the special effects in mind, with things like plot and characters just excuses to get to cool scenes of flocks of winged med and Matrix-style slo-mo action sequences.

Yet another example of how CGI is systematically destroying the art of cinema by making feats of onscreen magic less expensive and arduous to create, this trailer screams "We have a HUGE CGI budget, but we can still only afford twelve actors."

Watch, if you dare, and then wait for the coming biblical plague of the Summer of Remakes

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