Friday, June 10, 2011

Moviesucktastic at Paramus BooksNJ event!

Bela Lugosi circa 1920 Source http://www.docto...Image via WikipediaAttention Moviesucktastic fans! Your favorite opinionated podcast hosts Joey and Scott will be appearing at the BooksNJ Festival at the Paramus, NJ Library on Sunday, June 12, From 1PM to 5PM!

Not only will Scott be shamelessly whoring himself out selling and signing copies of his books Monster Rally and Performed by Lugosi, but Joey and Scott also plan on recording an episode of Moviesucktastic right from the signing table! How cool is that? Very, thank you so much!

As if things couldn't be better than that, all signed copies of Performed by Lugosi purchased will receive a free eBook edition of Monster Rally! Give Joey a noogie, and you get a free eBook as well! Now that's a contest! See you there!

BooksNJ set for Sunday in Paramus - "More than 100 authors, from first-timers such as Paramus' own Steven Paley to New York Times bestselling author Mary Higgins Clark, will be at Paramus Public Library on June 12 for BooksNJ 2011. 
Hosted by the Bergen County Cooperative Library System and Paramus Public Library, the event is free to all and will be held from 1 to 5 p.m. It will feature readings, workshops and discussions with writers and illustrators from a large range of genres. 
'Everything from children's authors to adult New York Times bestselling authors, illustrators to children's book illustrators and poets will be here, with over 35 panels,' said Paramus Public Library Adult Programming Coordinator Donna Perkosky. 'The group that put this together has put together these panel discussions that allow people to get up close and personal with authors. Many of them are from New Jersey or live in New York; they have some kind of tie to New Jersey.' 
Panels include topics such as 'From Post-its To Pages: Writing a Book;' 'An American Favorite: The Picture Book;' 'A Female Heroine From A Male Perspective;' and ''All The President's Men' Jersey Style featuring Josh Margolin and Ted Sherman. Also included are readings by authors for children and workshops hosted by published writers and illustrators."
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