Monday, June 9, 2008

Weekend Box Office Estimates 6/6-6/8

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Kung Fu Panda, Dreamworks answer for not having a Shrek film this Summer certainly didn't disappoint at the box office bringing in a whopping $60 million. A smart man once told me that children's films bring in the most money as they are getting one or in most cases two extras tickets sold due to the parents tagging along. With that said, did anyone really think this film wouldn't have a big opening weekend?

You don't Mess With The Zohan proves that the dumber the Sandler film, the more people will flock to it. There's one thing that has to be said about Adam Sandler, the man has some knack for making stupid films that people come out in droves for. With an opening weekend of $40 million you can expect Zohan 2 to be a possibility or worse yet, exactly the same Sandler movie with a different title.

Indiana Jones and The Kingdom Of The Crystal Skull fared quite well for it's third week with a modest $22 million weekend. Although the film is starting to wane at the box office but not before taking in a whopping $253 million in only 17 days. From here on in it's a creeping crawl to the $300 million mark in which it will surely hit.

Finally the Sex And the City movie that's flimsier than Samantha begging for Botox injection jokes holds strong for it's second week coming in at $21 million. With box office numbers like this you know the studios won't be able to help themselves to make multiple sequels. Although i've been told that they didn't open it up for another film, they'll always find a way if the $$ is right.