Monday, August 11, 2008

Weekend Box Office Estimates 8/8-8/10

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1 1 The Dark Knight WB $26,030,000
2 N Pineapple Express Sony $22,400,000
3 2 The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor Uni. $16,113,000
4 N The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2 WB $10,770,000
5 3 Step Brothers Sony $8,900,000
6 4 Mamma Mia! Uni. $8,081,000
7 5 Journey to the Center of the Earth WB (NL) $4,855,000
8 7 Hancock Sony $3,300,000
9 6 Swing Vote BV $3,106,000
10 8 Wall-E BV $3,045,000

The Dark Knight for the fourth straight weekend is the number one film at the box office with an estimated $26,000,000 take. The film is currently holding the number 3 spot for all time grosses ever. Only Star Wars with $460,000,000 (which it will surely top) and Titanic with $600,000,000 stand before it. There's been a lot of debate on whether or not this film can top Titanic's all time gross. It's still too soon to tell but to think this film can't crawl it's way to just a mere $159,000,000 more to top the $600,000,000 mark almost seems crazy. it's only been out 24 days. I think it'll come damn close at the very least.

Pineapple Express opened with a very respectable $22,000,000 it's first weekend. The film only costing $27,000,000 helps very much with that as it's already turning a profit regardless of what else it does for it's entire run.

The Mummy : Tomb Of The Dragon Emperor dropped from it's second spot last week down to third this week. It lost more than 60% of its opening weekend tally with only $16,000,000 this time around. With those kind of numbers one might be a betting man and say it will not make back it $145,000,000 budget domestically.

To round out the top ten, everything slid down the rabbit hole except for The Dark Knight. Even though both are out of the top ten, who would have thought that Space Chimps would be having a better run than the new X-Files: I Want To Believe movie? I guess it truly is the sequel that no one asked for.