Friday, February 18, 2011

The Minority Podcast

2011 seems to be the year for milestones and innovations for Moviesucktastic, as the latest episode of the podcast features yet another first for the show: Episode #27 is the first podcast in which Movie Guys Joey and Scott review a film actually sent to them for review by the filmmakers themselves.

360 Sound and Vision, an independent production company based out f New York, sent us a screener copy of The Minority, starring Billoah Greene and written/directed by Dwayne Buckle (aka D-Buckle). In the words of the promotional website for the film:
Hardworking African American citizen Jake Jackson is constantly subjected to racial biases, until he captures a wanted fugitive, then his luck changes.
At first, your humble podcasts hosts were concerned about the implications. Did these struggling filmmakers realize that our show was dedicated to talking about mostly bad movies? Did the understand what the "Suck" in Moviesucktastic stands for? We were worried that the production company's expectations regarding our critical input (or more precisely, output) might be somewhat excessive.

Even worse, we became concerned that agreeing to review their film would result in a moral dilemma: Never ones to trash a film just for the sake of being mean or spiteful, would we end up giving a boring positive review that would do little to entertain or inform our listeners, who depend on our bitter hatred for films that fall below our rather shallow artistic standards? Even worse, would we be tempted to violate our journalistic ideals and give a negative review to a film undeserving of critical scorn and derision?

Fifteen minutes into the film, we new they had made the right choice.

Listen to the groundbreaking Episode #27 of Moviesucktastic, and find out why it is not only the first episode to feature a solicited review, but the first to ever start with an apology for the review to come. You can download this momentous episode from iTunesPodcast or stream it directly at the newly updated website. And if you feel that our review of The Minority was unnecessarily harsh or unkind, be sure to let us know.
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