Friday, January 9, 2009

Celebrate Bad Movie Month with Bad Movie Night!

As the creators of This Movie Sucks, we (Joey and Scott, the two goofy looking guys in the title picture) have a traditional gathering that we like to hold four or five times a year. Being unrepentant bad movie fans, we like to host an event we call, simply...


We simply invite a bunch of friends, host a friendly get together with refreshments and comfortable seating, then relentlessly expose them to some of the worst cinematic blunders we can get our hands on. We've lost a few friends in the process, but the expressions on their faces were worth it.

This year, we were inspired by this January's horrendous lineup. January, as most film fanatics know, is where films are send to die a silent, unloved death. At the end of every year, film distributors line up the features that they know are going to offend and repel audiences like a pile of rotting otter corpses, and dutifully march them off into the Elephant Graveyard of movies, the slowest money-producing month of the entire year. Yes, January is where bad films go to die.

In celebration of this years abysmal New Year Box Office choices, Joey fearlessly forged through the databases and culled a list of every film ever sentenced to a theatrical release in January. From there, we selected a couple dozen of the worst and most entertaining of the bunch, and researched their availability and pain factor for possible inclusion in this year's first Bad Movie Night.

Over the next week, we will be posting titles and synopsis, as well as movie trailers and film clips, of the films currently nominated as potential Bad Movie Night screeners. We hope you take a look and weigh in with your own comments.

But no matter what you do, don't bother trying to talk us out of it. We're way beyond the point of rational thought.

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