Monday, August 20, 2007

Bad Movie Day is here! Let the Nominations commence!

The time has finally arrived! Bad Movie Day is here!

Those who have received the invitation, heard the calling, and came to seek the truth, shall now be instructed.

The first official Bad Movie Day is to be held on Saturday, Sept. 1, at the grand Guida Estates. Guests will be asked to arrive around Noon, and the first bad film will start at 1PM, followed shortly thereafter by a second. A third movie will be held on standby in the event that too much of a bad thing is desired by all.

The main reason for accessing this blog in reference to BMD is for the nomination and selection of the bad movies to be viewed on BMD. All guests attending are requested to nominate a double feature of bad films that conform to some sort of theme. Nominations will be accepted up until the day before, at which point all BMD attendees will vote on the double feature to be shown. The Host of the event (in this case, Senior Caszwell himself) has veto authority, which will only be utilized in event of a tie, or some unforeseen complication.

Please post all Nominations in the comments section of this Blog for all to see. Also feel free to post questions or comments regarding next Saturday's event as well.

And whatever you do, keep watching the skies.


S. Michael Wilson said...

Let me be the first to Nominate a double feature for Bad Movie Night. My choices are for the theme of Family Sci-Fi:

The Black Hole and Tron

I'll take that back and post a new nomination if I can think of a film worthy of teaming up with Gymkata!

Joey said...

Two Disney Fils being the worst ever? Yeah, i'll buy that for a dollar! here are my noms:

Gymkata( Only you and me have EVER heard of this film. I think it's a true winner for BMD)


Rollerball (2002)

Alone In The Dark

DOA: Dead Or Alive


S. Michael Wilson said...

If you team up Gymkata with Rollerball 2002 (or the original, for that matter), that might be a good double feature with the sports theme.

S. Michael Wilson said...

Hell, we could probably make a whole day out of Ewe Boll films alone.

Yogsoggoth said...

Here are my nominations:

Skinwalkers (it looks stupid but in a fun way) with The Covenant (it's directed by Renny Harlin so it must suck) or Bad Moon.

Begotten (a really weird film the Premier magazine called "a metaphysical splatter film") with Organ (a fucked-up Japanese film that is the cinematic equivalent of getting smacked in between the eyes with a sledge hammer and kicked down a flight of stairs).

Class of Nuke em High with Neon Maniacs or Death Race 2000.

Killer Klowns From Outer Space with Clown House.

Black Hole with Escape to Witch Mountain or The Apple Dumpling Gang (make the audience really suffer).

Yogsoggoth said...

Some other random shit films that I haven't bothered to match

Cat's Eye
The Stuff
Chopping Mall
Idle Hands
Boarding House
The Swarm
Maximum Overdrive
Sword and the Sorcerer
Motel Hell
Deep Rising
The Green Slime
Man's Best Friend
Jack Frost
There's Nothing Out There
Laser Blast
Without Warning
Megaforce (flying motorcycles!!!!)
Slumber Party Massacre
Spookies (if only Joe could find it, sigh)
Sleepaway Camp
Silver Bullet
Spice World
Missing in Action (1 or 2)
City of the Walking Dead
Eve of Destruction

Ugly George said...

Here's more to the list. Mind you some of these may be not even be available. We can look them up though.

Death Wish 4
The Disorderlies
Three On A Meat Hook
From Justin To Kelly
It's Pat
Anus Magillicutty
Jaws - The Revenge
Halloween 3 season of the witch
The Manitou
Scream Blackula Scream
Killer Clowns From Outer Space
Battlefield Earth
Little Nicky
The Cookout
Deuces Wild
The Bone Collector
The Ladies Man
Ready To Rumble

buszna said...

hey can anyone get their hands on the version of star wars from Turkey? My friend is on vacation dun think he'll be back in time